Short-term Award „500 Years of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (500 MLU)“

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The local branch “MLU Halle” (DOK W 35) of the German Amateur Radio Society (DARC), issues this award on the occasion of the 500 years’ existence of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, which can be applied by radio amateurs and similarly by SWLs. All contacts with amateur radio stations in the period of October 31st, 2001 until October 31st, 2002, count if the station contacted is situated at the locations of the university: These are the DARC’s local branches of Halle (DOK W 19), Merseburg (DOK W 21), Halle-Neustadt (DOK W 24), Wittenberg (DOK W 29) and MLU Halle (DOK W 35). You need for an award application:

  DL stations   8 contacts,
other European stations 4 contacts,
DX stations 2 contacts.

A contact with a station of the DARC’s local branch of W 35 or with DL0MLU is compulsory. Any station counts only once independently of the band used or the repeater used. All modes except Packed Radio can be used.

DL0MLU is mainly active at the following times: October 31st until November 30th, 2001, 20th until 28th of April, 2002, and 1st bis 31st of October, 2002.

The award is free of charge. However, small donations for postage and the DL0MLU amateur-radio club are wellcome. Send your award application with a log extract (or also by E-Mail to to the following address:

Dr. Roland Unger, DK2RM
Victor-Klemperer-Str. 18
D-06118 Halle

A member list of the local branch of W 35 and further information can be obtained from

(State of September 2001: The award is 210 × 297 mm in size, four-coloured, on an 170 g/m2 heavy, white, wood-free cardboard. On a grayish background showing an old engraving of the university’s main building, the texts, the university’s seal and the DARC symbol are printed. At the bottom, a figure bar is printed in colour with the presentation of important personalities and their times of activity from 1502 to 2002, 3 × 24 cm in size. The award was recognized at the DARC’s fall meeting in September of 2001.)

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